Z Lab

Our research can be summarized into two words: Matter and Machine. On the Matter side, we synergistically combine and push the boundaries of accelerated atomistic simulations, stochastic dynamics theories, and neutron scattering experiments, with the goal of significantly extending our understanding of a wide range of long timescale phenomena, rare events, and far-from-equilibrium properties of materials from the atomic and molecular level. Particular emphasis is given to the physics and chemistry of liquids and complex fluids, especially at interfaces, driven away from equilibrium, or under extreme conditions. On the Machine side, leveraging our expertise in materials and modeling, we advance the development of soft robots and human-compatible machines, robots in extreme environments, and understandable artificial intelligence and intelligent control, which can lead to immediate societal impact. The common theme between these two research thrusts is complexity and emergence, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.