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NPRE-446: Interaction of Radiations with Matter I (Fall)

syllabus, homework, solutions, notes

Zoom Lectures:

Lecture 1 (8/24): Housekeeping

Lecture 2 (8/26): Overview of the course I (radiations, interactions, matter)

Lecture 3 (8/28): Overview of the course II (atomic and nuclear physics, applications, quantum mechanics, math)

Lecture 4 (8/31): Historical background

Lecture 5 (9/9): Wave-particle duality

Lecture 6 (9/11): Operator and Schrodinger equation

Lecture 7 (9/14): Born rule, statistical interpretation

Lecture 8 (9/16): Separation of variables, time-independent Schrodinger equation

Lecture 9 (9/21): Review 1

Lecture 10 (9/23): Uncertainty principle

Pre-recorded Lectures:

Lecture 1: Quantum Mechanics Historical Background and Experiments

Lecture 2: 1D Infinite Square Well

NPRE-447/521: Interaction of Radiations with Matter II (Spring)

syllabus, homework, solutions, notes